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Our Mission and Vision

Senate District 8 is the most economically and geographically diverse district in Colorado and is one of the largest. From sustaining an agriculture and energy production to being home to world renowned public lands and recreation opportunities, the issues facing SD 8 often lead to unique challenges in the state legislative process.

As your state Senator, and having served in the legislature for eight years, I understand these issues. I care deeply about western Colorado and I’m also committed to better government for all Coloradans.

Senator Bob Rankin
Beautiful Colorado

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Top Issues

The COVID-19 Pandemic

Keep our people safe, Deliver COVID-19 relief to northwest Colorado.  Denver metro legislators are trying to steer a disproportionate amount of the COVID-19 assistance to the metro area, pitting Coloradan against fellow Coloradan.  That’s wrong.  Let’s make sure northwest Colorado gets its fair share of COVID-19 relief.

Education's Future

Get our kids back to school.  Lock-downs have consequences for the well-being of our kids.  We can responsibly open the schools while taking reasonable measures to protect kids and teachers from the COVID-19 risks.

The Economy and Jobs

Get Colorado’s economy moving again.  The COVID-19 health threat is real, but an open economy and responsible public health do not need to be mutually exclusive priorities.  Our decisions should be informed by science, not through partisan lenses.

Cost of Healthcare

Ensure more affordable, quality health care options for western Colorado.  The Front Range enjoys access to a multitude of quality providers and health care plans, western Colorado has been left behind.  Promoting access to quality providers and affordable health care plans has been and will continue to be a top priority for me.

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"I am a constitutional and fiscal conservative who believes in limited government, less regulation and support of free market capitalism. Our jobs are created not by government, but by the energy industry, farmers, ranchers and small businessmen.  I understand their needs and I will stand up for them." 

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